Whole House Fans

Don't Let the Summer Heat Turn Your Home  Into a Sauna

Don't Let the Summer Heat Turn Your Home Into a Sauna

Hire us for whole-house fan sales and installation services in Meridian & Boise, ID

A cool house is a comfy house during the heat of summer. That's why the new home standard in and around Meridian & Boise, ID involves installing a whole-house fan. If you want to keep your home cool and cut down on your energy usage, reach out to Halliday Home Remodeling for help.

Our whole-house fan installers have been authorized dealers of whole house fans for years. After installing a few hundred fans, we've earned a wide range of positive reviews and five-star ratings from our customers.

Put our crew to the test today. Call 208-271-6078 to speak with a member of our team.

Make the switch to clean, green cooling equipment

Why are local property owners making the switch to whole house fan systems? We're glad you asked. These whole-house fans:

  • Use 90% less power than traditional air conditioners
  • Will help you save between 50-90% on cooling costs
  • Are more eco-friendly and leave less of a carbon footprint
  • Remove airborne pathogens, smoke, foul odors and pet dander
  • Can completely change out the air in your home within four minutes
And if that wasn't enough, this equipment is also much quieter than old-school cooling systems.

Start taking advantage of these benefits today by making an appointment with our whole-house fan installers.